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A few years ago, I began to hear about modem-friendly campgrounds. It's been my experience that there are some out there, but they're not as easy to find as they ought to be. On a recent trip, I consulted a modem-friendly campground reference and learned that it was only partially accurate. Some that were so labeled actually weren't. Specifically, Wickham Park in Melbourne, Florida was labeled modem-friendly, but the park rangers I spoke to couldn't imagine why. They only have one phone line in their office and it's not available for internet use since it's generally busy taking care of campground business.

There are a few, like Buglewood in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, that I would really consider modem-friendly. They have a phone plug in the recreation room and campers can plug in as long as they like -- of course sharing with any other camper who wants to connect. To me, truly modem-friendly would mean there's a phone plug at my campsite which is provided just like electricity and water -- paid for as part of the camping fee. As I discover more modem-friendly (or nearly so) parks, I'll include them here. Email me if you know of more. Click on the words or the Florida ARVC picture to read about the Buglewood RV Resort. After finishing this page, I did another of my Yahoo! Searches -- for "modem friendly". Found a guide that differentiates between parks that actually have short-term on-site phone hookups versus those that simply give campers access to a shared phone line somewhere in the park.  Click the antique phone below to go check it out.
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