Here are our dogs - Moji, Tootsie, and Tinker. Moji is a male Shih Tzu, born July 22, 2000. Tootsie and Tinker are female Yorkies, born September 4, 2000. We "adopted" all three in early 2002.

2003 Addition: At the bottom of the page, you'll find Tobi, a male Pekingese about a year old. We found him 3/12/2003 on U. S. 231 South of Montgomery, Alabama. He was alot hairier when we found him, but had to get him clipped short to get rid of all the brambles and mats. If you know anyone who's lost a Pekingese, have them contact us.

Whoops! Hold Everything! Saw a Tibetan Spaniel in a dogshow on TV yesterday and guess what? Tobi is a Tibetan Spaniel. The pictures on the internet look just like him, so we've decided that must be what he is. So, do you know anyone who's lost a Tibetan Spaniel?
Moji is the Shih Tzu, the girls are toy Yorkies
Here's Tootsie -- about 3 pounds.
Here's Tinker -- about 2 pounds.
Here's Tobi -- our latest addition. The mouth in the background is Moji yawning.
March 2004: Here's a composite of all four dogs in order of Moji, Tootsie, Tinker, and Tobi.

Read on to get the details and history.
This page was initially created in 2002, updated in 2003, and again in 2004. In 2008, I started a happy book Please Freshen My Water. Since then, we've lost Tootsie and Tinker. Rather than changing this page, I've decided to publish the current version of the book, partially as an electronic book (Ebook) in PDF form and partially online. It includes links to various other dog-related web pages. I encourage all to go check it out by CLICKING HERE.