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I like scenic photos and I've taken quite a few. I noticed recently that looking at a scene in Black and White, then adding color, emphasizes the beauty and just looks downright neat! I went through most of the photos on this Retirement Tips website and planned to put each on a page with option to "colorize." As I went along, I had a couple of other ideas, so you'll find other surprises as you progress through the photos.

I've deleted the upper menubar and titles from these photo pages, to allow viewing without scrolling. On each page, you'll see the three buttons below that will take you through the photos or return you to this  page. You'll also find a short description with each photo and a link to further detail if you're interested.

Move your mouse around the Kaleidoscope to see beautiful dynamic patterns
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Beyond the Photo Tour --- Endless Beautiful Photos!
Here's a collection of photos that I've gathered from various sources. Once you start, you have two choices - let it continue or quit. TO QUIT, CLOSE THE WINDOW.         To pause, click any of the photos.
TO START, press F11 key to go to full-screen for best viewing, then CLICK HERE TO START THE ENDLESS PHOTOS.
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