One day I noticed a really unusual billboard. I was travelling South on I-75 and went to change over to the Florida Turnpike just South of Wildwood, Florida. Going up an overpass, I noticed one of those Ron-Jon Surf Shop signs that says "xx miles to Ron-Jon" -- they're all over Florida. The unusual thing about this one is that it was split! The left side on the North side of the four-lane and the right side on the South side. I saw it too late to take a picture, so planned to get one next time through.

Well, here's what's been happening since ... Click Here to see some Standard Ron-Jon signs, Here to see the split sign from a lo-o-ong distance, or Here to see the splits up close. Finally, our last effort at getting the shot.

2005 Add-on: A second split billboard discovered on SR 528 (Beeline) West of I-95.
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Too far away to see anything ... so I'll try again
Next time through, I tried to wait until I got much closer. Now I've got the right side, but not the entire sign yet. I guess it's just not possible while driving the RV and trying to stay on the road and looking through the camera all at the same time. Next time I'll stop -- tune in later for more pictures.
Almost got the right side ... so I'll try again
Hey, do you have any unusual billboard pictures? I think this Ron-Jon sign is the most unusual in the USA! If you think you have a better one, send it to me and I'll add it to this page.
Next time through, several months later, I got this picture. Really too far away, eh?
On SR 520 in Cocoa
On Merritt Island near Cocoa
Here are a couple just to show you what most of the signs look like. I'm not sure how many there are, but I'm sure I've seen at least 10 ranging from 70 miles away to these 4-6 miles away. No, they don't all have women on them -- some have surfer guys too.
The  best we can do
One more time ... we tried again, but still didn't get a "perfect" shot. We've decided we'll leave it as an exercise for the viewer to go see them in person. There's no place to stop the RV and we're not quick enough to get a better shot, so that's the end of that ...
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Here's another of those neat split Ron-Jon billboards. This one is on Florida State Road 528, also called the Beeline Expressway, or more recently the Beachline Expressway, that runs from Orlando to Cape Canaveral. This sign(s) is just West of I-95. I guess they got so many comments from the other "split" billboard shown above, that they decided to do another. Not quite as impressive, since it's not on both sides of the highway.   CLICK PHOTO FOR A LARGER VIEW
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