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I've been to several of these in Europe, but really only one in the USA. I found it quite convenient for just checking email and doing other short-term activities. It offered PCs on T-1 connections, using their ISP, so all you had to do was pay the $2 per 15-minutes and you were on (1999 prices). They offered phone-line connections if you wanted to bring in your laptop, but charged the same per-minute so I decided to just use their machines and ISP. They also offered coffee, snacks, fax, scanner, CD-burner, Zip drives, gaming software, and printing capabilities. Not a bad deal altogether. I'm assuming others are similar, but will let you know as I learn more. Hope you'll drop me an email line if you have info to add here.

If you're ever in need of an internet connection in Biloxi, Mississippi, let me recommend the Digital Den "A CyberCafe Experience" just off Highway 90 on the beach in Edgewater Village. The people who ran the place were very pleasant and helpful, it was rarely very crowded while I was there, and their connections are excellent. Their phone number (if you need directions) is 228.594.1999.

After writing this page, I did a Yahoo! Search on "internet cafe" -- WOW! Another surprise. It seems the internet cafes are a world-wide phenomenon. I knew they existed, but had no idea how popular they are. The search results listed 313 hits from Hawaii, Urania, Latvia, Ostrava, and on and on. On the Ostrava site, I found a link to the Internet Cafe Guide. It lists 4,000 cafes in 127 countries, with 386 in the USA. According to the index, there are internet cafes in 46 states and D.C. I looked up Biloxi Digital Den and found a link to their website. If you want to visit the index or Digital Den's page, Click a Picture!
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