Getting Online at Hotel Rooms
This is one that is probably no surprise, but that I didn't use until I realized I could probably get a room at one of the "free local phone" hotels nearly as cheaply as paying for a campsite. I was cruising down Interstate 65 in Alabama, when I saw a sign advertising hotel rooms for $27. Self, I thought, you've been paying that much at some of the campgrounds for just a campsite without any phone connection. I stopped in at the hotel when I got to Montgomery. Turns out it was an old sign, but since I mentioned it they gave me the room at the advertised price. As expected, they had free local phone service, so I parked the RV outside, moved into the room for the night, and spent about 5 hours online playing games, doing email, and other time-consuming endeavors. In the morning, I of course had one of the longer, hotter showers that I'd had for some time. I then got online to check the market, input a few stock transactions, then went down to the hotel restaurant for a good breakfast, discounted since I was staying at the hotel. After breakfast, I got back into the RV for more traveling.

When you think about it, getting a hotel room now and then while RVing probably isn't a bad idea. As I discovered, you can occasionally get a room for nearly the same price as a campsite. Beyond that, if you get discount meals or a free continental breakfast, you may even come out cheaper than going to the campground. I found it's also a nice change in the routine to have a full-sized shower instead of the mini-tub characteristic of most RVs. I didn't mind the king-sized bed either ... lol.

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