How to Get to the Internet While Traveling
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First there are a few general things you might want to do before you try to "get connected". Click the general for this introductory information. Beetle Bailey author Mort Walker's General Amos T. Halftrack, that is. He's always been my favorite general. Well, once you've put together the gear mentioned in the general info and set up the suggested connections, you then get to the various ways to connect cheaply -- or FREE. I've included them below, each with a picture to click on -- in keeping with the tradition of this website ... lol. And speaking of tradition, all these photos are from a really fine Route 66 website -- Click the map at the bottom to go see more.
For info on wireless internet products, click this picture to go to InternetOnTheRoad!
Product and Ideas to get You to the Internet While RV-ing!
U. S. 90 In Hondo, Texas
2004 Update! HOLD EVERYTHING! If you've got a laptop and are looking for the best way to hookup on the road, check out my Wi-Fi information! If there's a HotSpot nearby, that's the way to go! You don't need an ISP or any of the fine information included below.

2005 Update: The information below was generated around 1999, when dial-up was the only affordable option and access at campgrounds was rare. Since then, most campgrounds have started offering some type of access, plus several higher speed access options have become available. For details on these other options, go to my InternetOnTheRoad website. If you're one of those still travelling with a laptop and using dial-up, the info below may still be of value to you, so I'm leaving it here (along with the great Route 66 photos).
As it turns out, I've been working as a Software Engineer since 1968, so I know computers. I learned about the internet in 1996 and how to build websites in 1999. Been internetting on-the-road ever since. Below are some ideas on how to access the internet while RVing. Look on other pages for info on internet products and on how to invest online while RVing.
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