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Fuel Prices
Prices of Regular Gas and Diesel Fuel in United States and Canada
You're rolling along in your RV and your fuel gauge is close to the quarter-tank mark. It's time to start looking for a gas station. You're about to buy 40-100 gallons and even a nickle a gallon would be enough difference to make it worthwhile to shop around. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a chart showing you whether you should stop now or drive a few miles further?

I've tried over the travel years to keep track of fuel prices in various areas, just so I'll know whether to keep going for awhile. I usually don't do a very good job of remembering. It sure is aggravating when I drive on to the next town or the next state, only to find that it's 10 cents more there. Well, with the help of several sites (linked below), I've put together maps showing the relative price of fuel between states (or provinces for Canada). Go and print the U.S. page and the one for Canada and you'll hopefully have price guides that will help you save a few dollars.

Below, I've included links to the pages I used in compiling the guides referred to above. These sites also include more detailed information not included in my guides.
The AAA symbol above takes you to the page that I primarily used for my fuel guides. On the AAA page, there are links to tables showing the average price of diesel fuel and the 3 grades of gas in over 100 major metropolitan areas. Also a bunch of background info on fuel prices and on AAA clubs.
Click either of the pictures above for gas price info around the country. I prefer GasBuddy, because you can click on a map instead of inputting a zip code or city/state. Plus it includes Canada, as well as USA.
The gascan (for U.S.) and gaspump (for Canada) above take you to a page with many current gas prices as submitted by viewers, info on an ongoing gasoline protest, and tips on how to save money on gas.
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2004 Addition: Check out my Gas Wars page for an idea on how to beat the high prices!