How about a cute, little country home in Guntersville, Alabama on an acre of land at the unbelievably low price of $79,900? We've got it!

The picture on the right shows an aerial view of Lake Guntersville and the peninsula upon which the town of Guntersville is located. Our house is just SouthWest of the picture about where the X is. We're on the land-locked end of the peninsula. Click the picture or the logo to see more of Guntersville.
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Great Retirement Home!
Aerial View of Guntersville, Alabama
It's a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house with a beautiful loft that can be used as a third bedroom, study, or whatever. There's a little house out front that can be used as an efficiency apartment, some type of business, or just for storage of all those things you have no room for. The little house is about 10'x20', with a main room, bathroom with shower, and a smaller side room. Below are pictures of both houses. To see pictures of the inside, click here to go to the next page.

The houses sit on an acre of land, with access to Highway 79 South in front and to a local street in back. There is a variety of trees, ranging from Magnolia to Cedar to Pine to some that I don't know the name of. The garden out front has 15 Rose bushes, some of those big pretty flowers (Peonies?), and many others. It's a great combination of country living and city accessibility. Guntersville, Albertville, and Boaz (famous for it's outlet stores) are within minutes. There's a Wal-mart and a Lowe's within a few miles, plenty of restaurants close-by, and it's convenient to schools, churches, and businesses. If you want a big city, Birmingham (largest city in Alabama) is about an hour South.
Room on the right side was part of porch - converted to dining room in 1996
Little house was originally set up to be a Beauty Shop - has been used as efficiency apartment, yardsale headquarters, and just a storage room
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On the right is another shot of the little house. It was originally built to be a beauty shop with room in the small side room for a couple of tanning beds. We rented it as an efficiency apartment for a time, then used it for storage. There's space between it and the road (Alabama Highway 79 South to Birmingham) for a parking lot -- or, as I used it, to park an RV.

The property is five miles SW of Guntersville, which is  50 miles South of Huntsville, AL and 50 miles North of Birmingham. We're about 4 miles from the nearest boat-ramp and a mile or so from the nearest lake view.
A Great Little Mother-in-Law House!
To see pictures of the inside, click here.
Email me if you're interested or have any questions at
Email me if you're interested or have any questions at