A couple of months ago, I actually got up early enough to see a Shuttle Launch at sunrise. Didn't think the pictures were real impressive, so kept them to myself. While doing sunsets for Chapter 29, however, I decided they probably are worth showing -- so here they are. These were taken from about 15 miles South of the Cape.
10 - Followed by the sunrise I included earlier in Chapter 29.

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0 - Picture off the TV during the countdown.
1 - Blastoff!
2 - Off the pad
3 - Gaining altitude
5 - Nearly out of sight (the dot right of center)
4 - About this time, we start hearing the blastoff
6 - Noticed the beginnings of a beautiful sunrise
7 - ... continues
8 - Finally comes the sun
9 - And finally a last shot of the contrail reflecting the sunrise
30. Florida : Sunrise Shuttle Launch
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