Among the many pictures I've taken while travelling, I think the best are the sunsets. Thought I'd just make a page of various sunset shots, some of which have appeared in an earlier chapter and some new.
hoho -- sneaked in a sunrise. This is looking East over the Atlantic just after a Shuttle Launch. To see the whole launch, click on "Next Chapter".

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Red mountains sunset - Quartzsite, Arizona
Desert sunset - Quartzsite, Arizona
Lake Guntersville, Alabama
September - Melbourne Beach, Florida
Tunnel in Big Bend National Park, Texas
Boquillas, Mexico seen from Big Bend National Park
I kind of got hung up trying to capture the perfect sunset at the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. First (above left) I got a golden sunset, then (above right) a pink one, and finally (right) a "radiant" one. I like the last one best, but decided to include them all.

Huntsville really has some colorful sunsets, none of which I caught here to my satisfaction, but I had to leave.

Maybe next time!

(below) November - Indian River, Florida
29. USA : Sunsets
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