It's January 22nd and the activities in Q are in full swing. There's a 2-mile line of cars coming into Quartzsite from all four directions starting at about 9 AM and continuing, I suppose, until dark. I tried yesterday to come in from the South at 10 AM (gave up and turned around), noon (gave up and turned around), and finally at 3 PM decided to tough it out. Took 45 minutes to make the 2 miles. The real interesting thing is that more RVs are arriving every day. By Sunday, I expect the only movement will be on foot. I guess that's why all the old-timers park so close to town -- they leave their cars parked at camp and just walk where they need to go.

I've just about decided that I've had enough of the Q experience. I've been to all the different markets, seen most of the shows, and done enough site-seeing to satisfy myself. With the traffic getting heavier every day, I'm thinking it's about time to move on back toward the East again. We'll see how the weekend goes.

Well, the weekend went. Today is Monday, Jan 24th, and I've moved on over to Benson, Arizona. Went into Q very early Saturday to pick up some mail, etc. -- you could almost walk from one end of town to the other on the tops of RVs. Packed stuff up Sunday afternoon and left early this morning. I'm going to sign off for awhile, go visit some friends, maybe watch the Superbowl -- will restart the travel log when I start "touristing" again.

I've got a few pictures to show -- mostly of the glob of RVs in Quartzsite, a funny sign I found, and a really prepared RVer. The "watch out for nude sun-bathers" sign below was about a quarter mile behind my parking spot at La Posa South -- I looked around, but didn't see anything unusual. Some of my neighbors said there was a nudist colony back there and others said people just put up the sign to keep visitors out. The RV below caught my eye because of the number of accessories he had on the roof. Notice the 6 solar panels, 2 wind generators, and that's in addition to the 6.5K generator that comes with one of those big RVs -- he certainly should have plenty of electricity. He was behind the dish antenna adjusting his weather station. Now there's a guy who's prepared. The remainder of the photos are of the Quartzsite RV mob. The pictures below are just trying to show the globs of RVs in Q. All were taken from the I-10 overpass between the two busiest intersections in town. The top four were on the 15th and the bottom four on the 22nd. Notice, as you scroll down, you can see less and less empty space around them. In the top left picture, you might be able to see the "mini-dirigible" at the top-right corner -- this is one of 3 or so huge balloons they use to publicize the events, products, or whatever.
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