4a. About Farmacia Algodones
Another Update : Just got a note from a reader that you can also get good prices on prescriptions by going to website http://www.Costco.com/ and clicking on Pharmacy. Not Mexican or Canadian, but better than most in USA. Check my Cheap Drugs page for more information on Walmart vs Costco.

2004 Update: Take a look at a new page I've created called Saving Money on Prescriptions to better organize all the info on this page.

2003 Update: Recently got some information on Canadian pharmacies. Go to Canadian Drugs Online website or The Canadian Drugstore to get prices and other info. I checked on our prescriptions and it turns out that two are cheaper at Algodones and two others are cheaper at TCDS. The main difference I've seen is that you need a prescription for the Canadian, but not for the Mexican.

Warning: Just got my phone bill -- my call to Mexico cost me $2.50 per minute!

In response to the many questions about cheap prescriptions, I've extracted my ramblings on the subject from various chapters and gathered them here. I've also added some info on the topic that I've recently (2002) learned.

First, from Chapter 4, checking out the prescription rumor : I went out Sunday with the major objective of going to Mexico and checking out the situation on prescription drugs. About 10 miles West of Yuma on I-8, you turn off to Algodones, Mexico, park at the big lot at the border, walk over, and there are all the pharmacies, dentists, optometrists, and various types of shops you could wish for. I went to the Farmacia Algodones and learned that most of the prescriptions we need are much cheaper (like $16 for 60 instead of $102 for 30 pills), but are generics -- the plan is to ask our doctor if the generics are as good. Also plan to spend some time researching on the internet. Many people appear to be using these substitutes, however, so it looks like a fantastic way to save money.

Second, from Chapter 7, buying more pills: On the 30th, I drove down to Algodones, got my solar panel attached to the RV roof, and picked up some more prescriptions. Have managed to get a year's supply of the 3 or so pills we take daily. Also learned that one can mail-order these -- I've included the business card for the Farmacia Algodones below if you're interested.
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In case you can't read the card, address is: Farmacia Algodones, Av. "B" #261, Los Algodones, B. C., Mexico.

Phone is 01152 (658) 51 777 06. Email is farmaciaalgodones@yahoo.com, but it's really hard to get an answer from them on the email.

I understand that you phone, get a price, send a check, and get the pills in the mail. They can't do credit cards over the phone.

Note! November 2002: Their phone number has changed - new number is as above. Also, I've learned that you now send the check to a California address, then they send the prescriptions from there to you. Some law changed I guess that no longer allows shipment from Mexico to you. The California address is P. O. Box 1405, Winter Haven, CA 92283, but I didn't understand the name -- something like Lugeramos. And I don't know who to make the check out to. If you get the info, please email me at rjhoffman@yahoo.com.

December 2003 : From Betty Hurst in Arizona: The person to address the letter to in Winter Haven is Lupe Ramos. If you'll send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your request for prices on specific prescriptions, Lupe will answer in a couple of weeks.

Yet Another 2003 Update: I have found a couple of sites that offer opinions on buying prescription drugs in Mexico. The RVerOnline site has a very informative article entitled "Buying Prescription Drugs in Mexico".  The People's Guide to Mexico has several pages of FAQs on the drug topic, in addition to many other pages on various topics related to Mexico. In general, both sources pretty well agree with me that buying drugs in Mexico is a great idea for saving money.
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