LOL ... October, 1999: I haven't actually started the trip yet. The plan is to leave my current land-locked abode in Florida, visit family in North Florida, maybe hit a casino or two in Mississippi, visit family in Texas, visit friends in Albuquerque, stop in Scottsdale for some solar power equipment, then on to the desert in either Arizona or California, depending upon who you talk to. It's my understanding that there are several areas to choose from -- hope to get info on that when I visit Escapee headquarters in Livingston, Texas. I then hope to move to the desert, boondocking with no hookups for about 5 months (if I can handle it that long). While you're waiting for me to get started and if you're interested in seeing where I'm going, Click a Picture!
"Free camping in Arizona and rules on long term camping" courtesy of Chuck Woodbury, OutWest On-Line, and the Bureau of Land Management
"Boondocking in the Western USA" courtesy of Joe and Kay Peterson, founders of the Escapees RV Club
"The Quartzite Shows" courtesy of promoters Mal Mallory & Kenny King and alot of other folks.
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1. The Adventure Begins