Retired? About to retire? If you're over 30, you'd better start planning! Here are a few ideas from an old retired guy.
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Retirement #1 was when I was 21 -- quit the U.S. Post Office, withdrew my $300 retirement pay, jumped in my Volvo with fold-down seats, and took off around the USA. Unretired 6 months later and joined the U.S. Air Force. Retirement #2 was when I was 43 in 1984, sold everything, bought an Allegro Class A motorhome, and took off around the USA. Unretired 5 months later and went back to work at my previous job, but in California instead of Alabama. Retirement #3 was in 1992 at age 50, because I'd decided I wanted to retire at 50. Sold everything, jumped into our Bounder, and took off around the USA as RV Full-Timers. Unretired 4 years later and went to work in Albuquerque. Retirement #4 (my FINAL retirement!) was in 1999 and I'm not unretired yet -- and don't plan to be. Read all about it in My Travel Log.

So, am I an expert on retirement or just can't get it right? Whichever, I've learned alot on many topics related to retiring, so have tried to pass that info along to you on this website. There's a list of topics on the left (under Retire!) that try to address some of the major retiree questions on topics like how much money is enough, how to retire early, how to find work while RVing, and how to save money on key items like medical. There are also links to two books that I wrote that really expand on these topics. In the Invest! area, I go a little more into how and what to invest in.

To supplement the info on this website, I produce a monthly newsletter in which I try to address new things I've discovered relating to any of the topics on the website. There's also the Retirement Tips and RV Stuff Library, with a large collection of books on retirement, RVs, poker, and other website topics.
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Retire and Travel - 20 Years Later
by Robert (and Joyce) Hoffman

The first book was free online. This one is bigger, better, and will cost you a whopping $10! It contains all of our combined RVing knowledge, gained through 20 years of experience! It has a new RV Basics chapter, a chapter on ways to reduce medical expenses, a chapter on how much you need to retire, and YESS!! a chapter by Joyce with views of an avowed RV non-enthusiast

Gobs of info about retiring and RVing in an ebook for only $10!
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