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As my website has evolved, I've occasionally bumped into items that were entertaining, somewhat relevant, but didn't really fit anywhere in my existing structure. So, I just created a new page whenever I thought something was worth keeping. Click one of the pictures below or use the menus on the left (under Entertainment) to get to these highly entertaining pages -- at least I think they are!
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An advice column that I established, but only got a few letters sofar.
Started out with Jokes About Old Folks, then added Picture Jokes, then Funny Road Signs, and finally some Slightly Risque Pictures.
Pictures of a Condo High-Rise being built -- taken over an 18-month period.
A link to the onsite webcam in Yellowstone, plus some still pictures in case it's turned off today.
The best website I've found to tell you where the best Cheeseburgers are closest to where you currently are.
USA's Best CheeseBurgers
Click to watch Old Faithful gush!
Click to get Oldguy's advice
Click to see/read some side-splitters
Click to see the condo grow
Step-by-step photos from parking to sitting ... on a day I had not much to do ...
Click to watch me Set Up!
A bunch of information on one of my favorite past-times -- Hold'Em Poker
A series of photos with some interesting special effects added.
Click to see the condo grow
Click to go to Party Poker